Song Portraits sind da

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

SONG PORTRAITS were once again smashin’ success! Listen Here

For those just tuning in now: for the third consecutive year at the NEUSTADT ART FESTIVAL, Loopstation Mediocrealist BIGGS JACKSON has performed SONG PORTRAITS for unsuspecting suckers willing and enthusiastic participants. This year we have even reached a new record. Biggs would like to express many many thanks to all them’s what took part, for he knows that with out the patience and good-sportiness and kindness of passers-by who were willing to help out and indulge in this ongoing experiment, that ol’ Biggs would look pretty damn foolish. I mean, even more foolish.

The concept is simple enough but -at risk of sounding pretentious- it brings together number of threads and themes that are fascinating to me. The procedure is as follows:

  1. particpant fills out a short form with NAME and some miscellaneous personal info.
  2. Biggs glances at the sheet
  3. Biggs hits “record”
  4. Biggs attempts to improvise a song based off info from sheet.
  5. Song saved as MP3
  6. Song uploaded to website
  7. Song available worldwide for download