Orange Cat

Limited screen print

An orange shadow darkens my workshop door

So there’s this weirdo cat who comes by the Workshop every now and then. He goes “meow” and sits on the couch if it’s cold and wet outside. He’ll try to bamboozle you for a kitty cat treat or two. He’ll purr. Don’t try petting him though, he’ll scratch you Son.

Visit the shop right meow and take one of these darn cats off my hands!

Whose cat is this

And one day he shows up and has had the worst business cards I’ve ever seen printed up! First off, it doesn’t have any contact info and secondly, they’re not even cards but stickers.

What does a cat even need business cards for

And now that darned cat has his own posters. Painstakingly hand printed and true to life in color and tone. Meow my-oh, what next, a friggin statue?!  Go away kitty, you go bother someone else with your shenanigans.

Exposing a screen for screen print

But these here posters, y’all. They mighty sweet. You can get on by coming on by to the Shop! Or you can order one online. In theory. This is my first attempt at e-com on this site so here goes.

First color: a sky blue background

With silkscreen printing, each color means preparing its own dedicated screen. Each screen is prepared with a photosensitive coating and then exposed to light to create a stensil. This process is arduous and full of risks, such as too much light, not paying attention to the timer, earthquakes or even man-eating sharks. It’s a rare printer who hasn’t stood at the precipice of dispair and wailed impotently upon discovering that the transparency was flipped mirror image. Hold on to your squeegee, this business ain’t for the faint of heart!

Look out for sharks

Second color: orange kitty cat fur

And after a few days of blood, sweat and ink, it is done. Posters of Orange Cat in true-life-color!

These prints are on heavy duty acid free 300g paper and the colors were mixed by hand to the likings of the printer’s own slowly failing eyesite. Each print is unique. It is a limited printing of forty posters. These will be the only hand printed Orange Cats of this kind with these exact colors to ever exist in this reality. Ever. Holy cow, that’ s pretty darn heavy if you ask me.

Go away creepy kitties

These prints are now available to the public at large to take home, hang up, gaze upon, and cherish for years to come! But how? How can I get that kitty through my computer screen? Well, here’s how: you can order online and have it shipped to you or you can pick one out yourself in person at my atelier! That’s right kiddos, just follow the the shop link and from there either

  • Purchase an Orange Cat via PayPal
  • Have your Orange Cat shipped anywhere in Germany
  • Contact me to arrange a pick up time

Note: if you opt to pick up an Orange Cat at the workshop, you can also send an email to arrange a time without placing an order and paying. But remember:

  • First come, first serve
  • You snooze you lose
  • Finders keepers losers weepers

Sooo there you go: click on the shop link and order an Orange Cat! He’s a good kitty.

  • Orange Cat screen print

Sonst noch Fragen?! Dann schreib mir ne Email hier.